Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co.

What a perfect fall day for some coffee!  Today I brought my friend, Shelby, with me on my adventure.  It’s always nice to enjoy some joe with a kindred spirit.  Today we ventured to Mason, testing what Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co. had to offer.  It must be pretty popular, because we had a hard time finding a parking spot when we arrived.

Bestsellers stands face-to-face with the county courthouse.  It’s pretty intimidating to be cast in that shadow, but Bestsellers holds their own.  Outdoor seating spills from the bay windows catering to the mass customer flow that visits.  Inside all you see is books, books, and more books! The small counter with the huge glass bakery case draws your attention shortly after.  It feels natural to walk towards it, like a kid looking into a window of a toy store.  With such an immense space, it sure is filled to the brim with shelves, counters, and seating, causing there to be a limited amount of walking space.  If you don’t know anybody in Mason before coming to Bestsellers, you’ll surely know the whole town when leaving!

We approached the counter and the lady that helped us was very kind.  She had jewel encrusted glasses and a great taste for what’s good on the menu.  She suggested the Milky Way Mocha, saying that is was the “best of both worlds,” combing caramel with the traditional mocha.  I gave it a shot and definitely agreed with her claim!  I’m not the biggest fan of caramel but the ratio of the two flavors was perfect, as if tested in a lab for years.  The drink was smooth, silky, and quickly finished.  The best way to describe Bestsellers coffee is “home-y.”  It’s nothing extraordinary or out-of-this-world, but it tastes like coming home.  The familiarity of the flavors makes you feel like you just came back from a long vacation and finally got to sleep in your own bed.  I would suggest this drink to anybody searching for their one, true coffee love.

I spoke to a local shortly after visiting the shop who said Bestsellers is the town’s hub.  He goes there nearly every morning.  I’m sure it’s a great gathering place for young and old Masonites alike.

(Bonus tip: if you want some grub with your drink, the deli next door delivers to your coffee shop table!  I didn’t try any, but the food looks excellent and seemed pretty popular among the customers!)

Want to check out Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co. for yourself?  Visit them to get your coffee fix!

360 S Jefferson St, Mason, MI 48854 | (517) 676-6648 |


One thought on “Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co.

  1. Young lady you are an amazing writer and wither you meant it or not had a few puns in there that related to coffee! Keep up the good work!! 🙂


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