Proper Cup

Hey there, folks!  It’s been a couple of weeks but I’m back and ready for that coffee buzz.  This stop wasn’t on my radar until good ol’ Google helped me out.  I sure am glad that I stopped by because this place was an experience.  With a surprise caffeine sidekick, we were educated in the art of crafting the perfect cup of coffee by Frank, the passionate owner.

Proper Cup is located on the cool side of Brighton.  What is the cool side of Brighton, you may ask?  Well it’s the opposite way of all the stores and chain restaurants, a side I had never been to before.  You can tell that independent store owners find a diamond in the rough in this area.  I can foresee a hipster paradise developing in the near future, all centered around Proper Cup.  Amidst a strip mall church lives this fairly new shop, opened only in April.  The center piece is the most magnificent old-school espresso machine.  When you first lay your eyes upon it, it’s engulfed in a spotlight and drowned in a chorus of heavenly angels.  This idea isn’t too farfetched, since the owner was told by God Himself to open Proper Cup.  The rest of the place has a hybrid feel of a lounge and bar.  My dear friend Alex and I sat at the rustic bar, chatting with Frank, and observing his every move.  He floated around the bar with grace and ease and told us all about his humble beginnings.

One of my favorite things about going around to all of these coffeeshops is learning where they get their beans.  Proper Cup stays local (which I am very partial to), serving up beans from a business called Good Sense.  Alex decided to get something hot, the Pumpkin Latte, which was gingerly garnished with an animal cracker.  I ventured the opposite way.  After asking for a recommendation, Frank told me about his homemade cold brew concoction, modeled after another famous drink and named after the man who came in and demanded it every day- The Devoy.  The Devoy has all of my favorite coffee things mixed into one cup: cold brew coffee, vanilla, and half and half.  It was a perfect balance of bitter and sweet.  The flavors danced on my tastebuds.  I wanted to down it in one gulp but simultaneously wanted to savor every sip.  As for the Pumpkin Latte, you’ll have to question my pal.  Both of our drinks came with a small side glass of Frank’s famous cold brew, soon to be bottled and sold at the local organic market across the road.  This cold brew was so incredibly delicate on our palettes.  Upon first glance, it appears as an iced tea.  The first sip reciprocates that thought but you are then delighted to find that it has an extremely mellow coffee after taste.

Proper Cup was such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  Even if you’re not in the Brighton area, you should make it your next destination.  Take it from me: Proper Cup is more than just the coffee, it’s the intimate, small-town feel in a bustling, consumer-driven city.  And when you’re sitting at the bar, listening to the story of the shop’s birth, really absorb the entire adventure that Frank leads you on, because you know that it’s one in a million.

Want to check out Proper Cup for yourself?  Visit them to get your coffee fix!

2340 Genoa Business Park Dr, Brighton, MI 48114 | (810) 986-4719 |


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