Beans Without Borders: Goddess and The Baker

Welcome to the first installment of Beans Without Borders, where I travel across state lines to “roast” coffeeshops around the country!  This first episode puts a spotlight on Chicago, Illinois’ Goddess and The Baker.  After some investigation, I discovered there are a few locations in the Windy City, but I visited the one on Wabash Ave.  What started as a grocer, quickly turned into a coffeeshop/diner/bar.  (Sidenote: I noticed that a lot of coffeeshops in Chicago also double as a bar to ensure all day hydration.)

Walking in, it was like every lady’s dream.  Beautiful golds and teals, wildflower artwork upon the walls, and inspirational quotes fueled my need to try some of this brew.  This place was simply overwhelming with visual distractions- I didn’t know where to look first!  You could tell that the interior designer knew how to please the modern feminist hipster.  There were meals, baked goods, alcohol, and coffee.  Honestly, I could walk in at seven in the morning and stay until seven at night and feel perfectly content about how I spent my day.


The coffee, to be blunt, was exquisite.  The menu in itself is so unique.  Goddess and The Baker takes classic drinks and throws in a nice healthy dash of unique.  My drink of choice was the Mayan Mocha.  Its sultry, silky dark chocolate was accentuated with the Goddess twist: cayenne.  It gave me a warming effect in my stomach like any coffee, but left my throat with an after-spice, a similar feeling to sitting by the fireplace on Christmas Day.  If you don’t want to mess around, order the Black Widow Goddess (it’s served in a cup holding just four shots of espresso!).  If I had the time, and if my body wasn’t so affected by caffeine, I would have tried everything on the menu.


I urge you to visit Goddess and The Baker next time you’re in Chi Town.  Let me know when you do, I don’t take up too much room in a car.

Want to check out Goddess and The Baker for yourself?  Visit them to get your coffee fix!

33 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603 | (312) 877-5176 |


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