Rowster Coffee

After a long break, I am back with yet another coffee adventure!  This week I visited my good friends at Rowster Coffee in Grand Rapids.  I had been to Rowster before, but it was my last leg on a coffee crawl and I was sort of in a caffeine coma.  So, I decided to repay it a visit and give it a proper roast.

The interior of Rowster was that of a winter mirage.  The massive bay window that covers the street facing facade was fogged over, allowing only a misty image of a holiday wreath that dressed the outside.  Rowster is simple: they don’t worry about anything else but their coffee.  The decor effortlessly displays the simplest palette of colorful woods, crisp tiles, and contrasting black walls.  Time seems to slow here, ensuring that you envelop yourself in the full effect that it portrays.



Rowster recently came up with a spicy concoction called the cayenne cappuccino.  They claimed that it warmed you just like whisky, but was socially acceptable to drink with breakfast.  I decided to give it a shot and let me tell you what- they weren’t kidding about the whisky warmth!  One sip was pleasantly bite-y to the palate and moved down my throat with a slow burn.  In no time at all, I was in love.  Although the coffee flavor was nearly completely masked, it was the punch of the cayenne that made up for any inconvenience.  The cayenne cappuccino will be a bright beacon of light for any one lost in the lake-effect wonderland of West Michigan.

Want to check of Rowster Coffee for yourself?  Visit them to get your coffee fix!

632 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 | (616) 780-7777 |


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