Harless + Hugh


Harless + Hugh has been high on my list since the beginning of this adventure.  Every time I tried to go, something would get in the way, whether it be weather or just a daunting drive.  But today I put on my big girl pants and decided to take the trek out to Bay City.  Of course, I took a buddy with me and made a little road trip of it!


We parked at a police station/jail/post office/fallout shelter directly across from the small community coffee shop that obviously didn’t seem to fit the rest of the town.  It was blatantly clear what they sell, displaying “Coffee and More” in massive block letters on the window.  The moment we walked through the door, we were overwhelmed by a masculine atmosphere and a tear-off paper menu of the multitude of waffle options for their Sunday special.  The fridge was masked as a curio cabinet, and a deer bust was fashioned over a hard wood bench-style desk.  There were leathers, furs, and succulents accenting the main attraction: a full-length chalkboard wall.  They even catered to our canine friends, offering small treats in a jar by the door.  The seating arrangements ranged from couches to leather chairs, benches to bar stools, and even window inlets bathed in honeycomb tile.  It was perfectly appealing!  And to put the icing on the cake, the locals were there (for what seemed like a great amount of time) chatting about what was on the up-and-up in the town.  They added a sense of community to the place (and reminded me of the town drunks who sit at the bar all day babbling about God knows what.)

The coffee, on the other hand, wasn’t so great.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the attractiveness of the interior that I settled on my usual mocha, but threw in some almond milk.  I couldn’t taste an ounce of coffee and wondered if the barista forgot to add it.  It was decadent, but gave my mouth a fuzzy feeling.  I would compare it to an old melted chocolate bar.  My friend, on the other hand, enjoyed her latte.  Maybe if I had something else I would have appreciated it.  Nonetheless, Harless + Hugh was still a great experience. Perhaps I will visit on a Sunday and try one of their gourmet waffles!  If anyone would like to go with, I am now accepting applications.


Want to check out Harless + Hugh for yourself?  Visit them to get your coffee fix!

1003 Washington Ave, Bay City, MI 48708 | (989) 385-1657 | www.harlessandhugh.com


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