Destination Holland Part One: Lemonjello’s Coffee

I took an unintentional week off from my coffee adventures.  I had gone to Lemonjello’s last week fully intending to write about it, but circumstances preventing me from doing so.  So this week, I decided to do a two part destination blog, highlighting Holland’s favorite little shops, to make up for my broken promise.  And to make it consistent, I revisited Lemonjello’s and ordered the same drink to remind myself of the experience.


Lemonjello’s Coffee is a hub for Hope College students and always seems to be impeccably busy.  From the outside, it looked like an auto repair garage was transformed into the home-y, yet sophisticated, coffee shop.  On the inside, tables criss-crossed the floor, full of students enjoying some brew.  Art bathed the walls, giving the place a high-end feel.  Lemonjello’s is a place where anyone feels welcome, no matter your background.  Everyone in the room had a smile on their face, even the baristas.  Both times I visited, the workers were so kind and helpful.  Frankly, I could go for the service alone.

But let’s get on to the coffee, shall we?  They had the usual items on their menu (Mocha, Cortado, Cappuccino, etc) as well as their own creations, made with help from local items. I ordered one of their specialty lattes called Buzzed.  This latte was flavored with vanilla and local honey giving it a beautifully clean taste.  The honey sweetened it just enough so it didn’t mask the coffee flavor, rather complimented it.  I could see this drink being perfect for any season and occasion and would definitely recommend it for both avid coffee drinkers and beginners alike.

Want to check out Lemonjello’s Coffee for yourself?  Visit them to get your coffee fix!

61 E 9th St. Holland, MI 49423 | (616) 928-0699 |


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