Destination Holland Part Two: JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar

Right down the round from Lemonjello’s lives the infamous JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar in downtown Holland.  I came to JP’s on a cold and rainy summer’s day during the Tulip Festival in order to calm my chills.  I didn’t remember getting anything that I couldn’t forget, but I also wasn’t writing about my experience at the time.  Since the proximity to Lemonjello’s was so close, I decided to revisit them, hoping to find something worth remembering.

JP’s is a good mix of a mom-and-pop’s coffee joint and a high-end roaster.  They cater to everyone, making them feel welcome with every strategic move.  The bar area glistened in the glory of their stainless steel espresso machine, while the warm glow that basked the baked goods rested not too far away.  The space is enormous, spanning two store fronts full of booths and extensive high-top tables alike.  Art lines the walls, flawlessly accompanying any cop of joe ordered.  Every patron, from college student to retiree, had a welcoming gaze contributing to the warm, inviting feel of the room.  It was almost as if you could sit down at any table and jump right in to conversation without a hiccup.  Overall, the comfortable atmosphere is what can draw people in, coffee drinkers or not.


I quickly perused the menu, stopping only at the second item: The Haworth.  When on these adventures, I usually tend to play it safe when it comes to orders.  But the name drew me in, and I asked the barista what in the world it could be.  The Haworth is a carefully concocted drink containing two shots of espresso, vanilla, and steamed half-and-half.  Yes, that was the one.  It came out in no time adorned with phallic latte art, but in an adorable yellow cup and saucer.  I found a spot at a bar attached to a window drenched in condensation and couldn’t wait to take a sip.  The first taste could have fooled me for a campfire roasted marshmallow.  The wonderfully toasted foam held back the sweet pillow underneath that contained the vanilla and half-and-half.  Although all of these flavors where profoundly present, the espresso made sure to shine every other sip, giving it a perfect balance of flavors.  The Haworth was so incredibly delicious that I would recommend it to any customer.  I will be sure to return to JP’s for another very soon.


Want to check out JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar for yourself?  Visit them to get your coffee fix!

57 E 8th St, Holland, MI 49423 | (616) 396-5465 |


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