My name is Sam Johnson and I was never an avid coffee drinker.  In fact, I hated coffee.  But through baby steps, I have developed an appreciation for the smooth, smokey drink that has lead me through many dreary days.

Still in my youth, I decided the one thing that prevented me from growing up is enjoying coffee.  It all began with Biggby.  The java was masked with the flavor of liquefied sugar.  I took one sip and I realized that adulthood was on its way.  I kept moving forward on my coffee journey, introducing more espresso and less artificial flavoring.  From Biggby to Speedway, from Speedway to Madcap.  Now that was too big of a jump for me.  So I dialed it back and went to Strange Matter, located in downtown Lansing, and fell in love.  I owe my love of coffee to my friends there.

So here I am, wanting to explore what else this great state has to offer.  I have no doubt that I will receive my caffeine drug from baristas with dreads, facial piercings, full sleeves, and bow ties, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Through my “roasts” of their trades I will take you to the various coffeehouses of Michigan from Acme to Zilwaukee.